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An Algonquin Drum Group from Woonsocket/Providence RI. The Eastern Medicine Singers are dedicated to keeping the eastern woodlands American Indian culture alive. The drum is made up of RI, NY, NJ & Southeastern Massachusetts Tribes. We are proud to sing and drum in the language of Massachuset & Wampanoag dialect. We thank elder speakers of the language both past and present for there help. We honor Clinton Lightning Foot Wixon, Donald Three Bears Fisher and Julieann Jenniings all speakers of our language. We strive to be a traditional all inclusive drum and sing for our eastern people. We also honor past eastern drums Nipmuc Turtle Drum and Full Circle Drum many of those past drum members have sat welcome with us and we are proud to be together with our brothers and sister singers. We have produced 5 CD's by Eastern Medicine Cultural LLC

Kutche Nukone Mayash and Bring on the Thunder and Old School Eastern and On The Powwow Trail. We also have DVD's of Cu Dubh & Eastern Medicine Singers at CT REN Faire 2014 and Eastern Medicine Singers with Boston Conservancy Orchestra Our newest DVD Warrior Culture with Cu Dubh at Maryland REN Faire 2015. Also New Black Eagle Single Wabanannit Pumukan Niswasocket & Eagle Hawk is availiable as of 5/2/18 Go to our Product Store. We hope you enjoy them. For booking go to contact us for a 2018 schedule go to our schedule of powwow page. Our New CD 2018 with Cu Dubh is out.

New CD out December 2019 Eastern Medicine Singers Tribal Echo's of the Past.

Current Collaborations  Inner City Rthym Drummers

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Medicine With Yonatan Gat Queeche VT

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